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Professional Displays

Weddings · Corporate Events · Celebrations · New Year · Bonfire Night · Proms · Summer Balls

Sirius Fireworks pride ourselves in being able to offer a professional firework display that is tailored to your requirements at an affordable price. 

Wedding Display


Finish your big day in style with one of our bespoke wedding displays. Tailored to your individual preferences we can light up the sky and leave your guests in awe. 

With displays starting from as little as just £449.00 this is an affordable option to celebrate any wedding day.

Traditional Display

Our traditional firework display will be tailored to your individual needs. These can include lots of NOISE, vibrant COLOURS, multi EFFECTS and a finale to wow any crowd!  Be it bangs, whistles, howls, hummers, or colours we can work together to achieve the perfect display to make any event memorable!

Low Noise Celebration Display

Our low noise firework displays are perfect for anybody wanting the wow factor without all the general bangs and noise associated with fireworks!
Vibrant colours and effects filling the sky can make a wonderful low noise display! Contact us now for a bespoke quote.  


Gender Reveal

Having a baby? Looking for a unique way to reveal the baby's gender to your loved ones? 

Then look no further, we can offer a firework display with a colour scheme to reflect the new borns gender. A short  display filling the sky with your selected colour with rapid fire shots will be sure to wow your guests! Another option is to have a varied colour display with a big single coloured finale to finish with the big reveal!

Daylight Displays 

A firework display is generally associated with dark evenings and skies, however we can offer a daylight display. These displays involve lots of coloured smokes and effects that are visible on the brightest of days!

Display Extras

All displays are adaptable to your individual needs we can offer various extras such as:

Sparklers · Fountain Tree · Smiley Faces* ·  Love Heart * ·  Colour Schemes ·  Coloured Smoke · Big Red Button ·

* unsuitable for low noise displays

All displays are subject to site suitability assessment. All display prices include site survey, risk assessments, public liability insurance and bespoke display design.

Shooting star.jpg
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