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A new brand to hit the uk market - Riakeo fireworks!


Pyro Addict 2 prooves to be another superb product from the range, Just take a minute to watch the video of this great firework. 

Opening with straight firing shots that peak around 20metres up and burst into vivid colours, red, orange and purple stars fill the sky with a silver glittering effect to add, before moving into a wide fan effect with golden palms and strobing stars. 

This firework has mixed effects and mixed firing patterns through its duration which leads us to a truly spectacular finale of crackling palms elegantly falling through the sky with colour bouquets and a huge final hit of 10 shots of golden crackling palms with colour pearls all at once!

Pyro Addict 2 by Riakeo Fireworks

£97.99 Regular Price
£79.99Sale Price
  • Calibre


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