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This is a truly awesome DOUBLE compound! It is so big it is in 2 pieces inside one huge box, light one after the other for the magnificent display in a box!

Opening with a tranquil and colourful low noise section of golden rising tails into falling horsetails with blue bouquets, then moving into a large volley of green and pink crossettes before getting into the louder stuff with 'dirty' golden brocades that have a great hang time as they fall towards the ground.

The excitement does not stop with this compound, so many different effects make this a truly wonderful piece, One of our favourites here at Sirius fireworks!

Night Stalker By Riakeo Fireworks

£358.99 Regular Price
£289.99Sale Price
  • Calibre


  • No of shots


  • Duration Approx

    105 sec

  • N.E.C

    3489 gram

  • Noise level 1-10


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